Trying to sell on the Internet

You can hear it in his question; he's stalled out, frustrated, and doesn't know where to get started. He's in the same place as many, looking at the Internet as sales salvation. It's easier to get started than you think ...

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Why e-mail open rates don't matter

Often new technology leads us in a direction away from underlying fundamentals. For example, the tracking of open rates in e-mail marketing (and other digital marketing mediums.) Do e-mail open rates they really matter?

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Hard Cost of Website Outages

If as a information publisher, web hosting services provider, or technical services company you may think outages are no big deal, then you'll want to read every word of todays post. I don't mean to be dramatic over this, but outages are some serious as serious as a heart attack ...

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Burning time with Twitter?

Are you burning valuable time with social media? Clients lately are asking about automating Tweets because they find so much of each day sucked into social media. Technology changes, but time challenges are still the same.

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Using social media automation

"I'm reading about Twitter automation tools that save me time with social media. What are your thoughts about social media automation?" -- John

If you're asking about the kind of social media automation that saves selling professionals time, then I'm for it. But if you're talking about social media automation that broadcasts garbage, then I'm against it. Here's why.

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