<p>6 Ways to Take Your Company from Gain to Target</p>

6 Ways to Take Your Company from Gain to Target

Here I share six guiding principles which have enabled our business to become more than just another player in the sport nutrition industry. By moving away from being a conventional “supplement business” to a “lifestyle brand” we changed the consumer to the middle of each invention and business decision, enclosing them with advice and support, providing the resources so they can be the safest version of these. Make more than money.Something dramatic occurs when people and companies shift their attention from becoming all they could for themselves, to driving as much value as they can on earth — to get their customers, communities and employees. At Corr-Jensen we established that the Virtuous Circle, constructed on the notion that some of a brand’s financial achievement is spent in purpose-driven causes which engage communities and employees in the heart-level. Locate the perfect leadership.Recruiting, onboarding and developing leaders in a fast-growing business is like playing golf blindfolded; you can trust your equipment, skill   and the general direction you are going in, but it is going to still take a reasonable bit of trial and error and you’ll always take over par. Each worker has a Fulfillment Bank Account they can opt to create “deposits” from assisting the business’s FitOps Foundation for veterans, supporting a charity of their own choice  or winning an employee achievement award. Never cease evolving.A friend shared with me an observation about residing in the Internet Age: “With limitless data at our hands, people believe that they can find out everything they need to know by themselves,” he said. Other principles, like only engaging in business deals that are beneficial for all parties involved and having fun on the job, are guardrails which help keep us focused on what’s important during the stressful minutes of the business enterprise.

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