Author: Bobby Robertson

Building A Business On Profits Alone

— At the time of downturn, the bedroom builder has thrived. This is someone who has managed to increase their business from the bottom up into something globally, usually using the power of the web. Such huge development is due in no small part to the proliferation of entrepreneurial ideas blasted across our Video screens; […]

Morses steals business “hand over fist” as it Gains from woes at crisis-stricken Provident Financial

The catastrophic collapse of Provident Financial has handed rival Morses Club a enormous boost for profits. The UK’s second largest doorstep lender now posted bumper half-year figures using one analyst saying it’s “stealing business hand over fist” from Provident. Complete credit issued rose by a thousand to #82.2m, whilst customer figures shrunk by 12 per […]

Buffett Upbeat on American Business; Berkshire Operating Profit Down

Warren Buffett on Saturday mounted a upbeat and solid defense of their prospects though income dropped since his Berkshire Hathaway Inc reported a quarterly profit. In his annual letter to Berkshire shareholders, Buffett said investors “will almost certainly do well” by staying with the very long term using a “set of big, conservatively financed American […]