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How to measure business website success

While some marketers fantasize about reach, brand, and exposure, if you really want to know what defines business website success then you are in the right place. It's truth that bounce rate is important, number of visitors contributes, but your bottom line measure of business website success is summed up in two formulas:

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When Buying Websites Don't Believe Traffic Numbers

Read this before you buy any website! There are very good reasons not to believe the traffic numbers quoted without seeing screen shots and seeing for yourself thought third party tools. Buyer beware, as you'll see, it is very easy to inflate traffic.

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[Podcast] Powerful Offline Customer Research

A podcast on the one thing that increases credibility while connecting you with customers over social media, plus insights to quickly make your website more relevant to visitors who are buyers.

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[Podcast] Introducing a Show for Business Websites

A podcast on how to increase leads and sales from your business website, from the Business Website Profits series on Show introduction and strategies.

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Be Prepared for Business Website Outages

Your business website can crash at anytime for more than a thousand reasons, unless your website is prepared. Here are a few sites who weren't prepared for an outage ...

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What Happens When Your Website is Down?

For every minute that your business website is down you risk many known losses. It costs you money, customers, and credibility. However, it's worse! Here are some hidden challenges you'll face when your website is down:

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How to reduce or eliminate Website outages?

It is not impossible to prevent web site outages, however, your budget may not allow you to take every necessary step. With this process you can do the most to reduce or eliminate outages from your end-user prospective.

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Unplanned Outages Cost Websites Billions Each Year

If you had the tools and resources to prevent 99.9999% of systems failures and save hundreds of thousands of dollars for your business, would you? Unfortunately many businesses don't do what is necessary to prevent website outages.

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