<p>[Press Release] Over Earnings</p>

[Press Release] Over Earnings


Walnut, CA | May 31st., 2016

  • Convert combines an elite group of powerful businesses by basing their business model on the tenets of both Conscious Business practices. Following in the footsteps of Whole Foods and Google, Convert places the wellness of the surroundings, well-being of the employees and success of their clients at the heart of every choice.

While performing better for the entire world earnings increase. In an age where customers are actively choosing their purchases according to ecological and societal impacts, Convert has joined the ranks of Whole Foods, Southwest Airlines, Google, Etsy, Sputnik Moment from Salesforce, Hootsuite, Singlebrook, aWhere and the like, in launching a Conscious Business doctrine. Having a triple bottom line that endeavors to include profit, planet and individuals and value, Conscious Businesses are ones who recognize that the sum is over the elements.

In a recent article released by Forbes.com, It’s noted that brands that identify with mindful business practices have seen investment yields of 1025% within the past ten Decades, compared to only 122% to the S&P 500.     While traders could cheer at these amounts, the general consumer wishes to know that their wages are in fact improving the entire world and are still at the least not, providing additional incentive to conduct business. Co-Founder of this Conscious Capitalism Movement and CEO of Whole Foods, John Mackey says, “When companies operate with greater purpose beyond gains and create value for all stakeholders, trade offs are mainly eliminated, functionality is raised, and the full system flourishes. Everyone wins.”

While greening a product has become commonplace Conscious Business is instead of being added to dupe consumers,  thwart criticism or help manage a business’ reputation.     Forefront of Convert’s Conscious Business model is becoming become a carbon firm that is positive.

Convert admits that girls are underrepresented in the IT community besides recognizing the value of the surroundings. Whenever Convert implements practices, and strives to make a 1:1 female-male ratio inside the workplace that promote hiring and the application of team members who are also girls.

Convert also offers back in a significant way for their regional community through HELPS International by donating to their ONIL Stove Program. The ONIL cooker is given to rural families, replacing the conventional open fire pits that reduce the chance of injury, improves ventilation, saves time to gather wood and wood consumption by 70 percent, in fact one cooker reduces carbon released into the air at a speed of 2.893 tons of CO2e annually (equal to 2,500 individual flight chairs from Cancun to Toronto and back).

Convert CEO Dennis van der Heijden says,  “We provide sustainability and transparency in all that which we can do, from increasing value to our stakeholders and clients, to enlarged opportunities for development and career growth for our employees and improving the local and global environment by getting carbon neutral.”

For more information on Convert’s Conscious Business see our website or our recent blog post here.


About Convert.com

Convert.com is your leading A/B &Multivariate testing software for business and eCommerce agencies. Its flagship product, Convert Experiments™, is an one-code installation solution that offers secure testing of large groups of landing pages through heavy integrations with major eCommerce platforms and analytics applications. The solution allows with insights into stoppage of test variants, as well as features such as maximum and minimum test durations, manual and automatic variation controls. Attributes include development tools for jQuery, customer accounts and projects analyzing and tracking, JavaScript and CSS. Convert.com is headquartered in Walnut, CA with offices in Mexico and Romania. More information can be found at http://www.convert.com


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