Jewish Museum: Google Profiting From Holocaust Denial!

Jewish Museum: Google Profiting From Holocaust Denial!


Bing reaches it to being making the most of Holocaust-Denial, this time around the generous technology giant seems.

Within an article compiled by the Protector, A Jewish history memorial is blaming Google of making the most of Holocaust – denial since the memorial is spending to avoid a neonazi site from showing whilst the leading outcome for “did the Holocaust happen”.

In the post:

“The advertising representative of the Breman Museum in Atlanta, Ga, stated it had been “nauseating” that Google aimed customers towards the white-supremacist website, and included that it had been spending Bing as much as $2 a press to immediate people to its site via AdWords, Google’s spend-per-click marketing support.

Donald Schendowich stated it had been rubbish for Bing to declare that it had been not making the most of Holocaust denial. “They might not take cash from people however the stage is the fact that other companies along with galleries are spending to fight this material. They clearly are. We’re. We’re spending them as much as $2 a click.”

Google’s Leftist Agenda

This really is that Google indicates its left that is powerful leaning shades.

Just a couple of weeks before Bing was earnestly attempting to assist Hillary Clinton become Leader by ‘Censoring Autocomplete To Prefer Hillary’. WikiLeaks revealed that Google additionally provided assist towards the Clinton strategy on the best way to develop personalized documents for each voter.

Here are alongside evaluations of screenshots which were obtained in September evaluating the autocomplete recommendations of Google and Bing for ‘Hillary is a’:


Additionally from September, The autocomplete recommendations for ‘obama is a”: