M-Pesa and Data Push Safaricom’s Half Year Profits to Kshs. 23.9 Billion

M-Pesa and Data Push Safaricom’s Half Year Profits to Kshs. 23.9 Billion

  • Safaricom’s low-speech income exceeded speech income for that very first time
  • Quantity of one month M Pesa customers strikes 17.6 Thousand clients
  • 46.3% increased to Khs. 13. 4 Million
  • Overall profits for that interval under income struck at Kshs. 98 Million

Safaricom today introduced its 2017 monetary outcomes for that interval September 2016 finished. Within the statement, low-speech income including M Pesa, information, others yet smartphone revenue exceeded speech income for that very first time whilst the primary supply of income for that telco. Safaricom produced Million which displayed a development to an overall total income of  98. For Kshs Million, speech income accounted of the 98 Million while low-speech income numbers struck Kshs. 52.3 Million.

M pesa

The crucial individuals for this development contain M-Pesa the cellular cash support possessed by Safaricom, noticed one month customers’ number develop to 17.6 Thousand customers. Client dealings  grew 38.4% to 9.3 dealings monthly for every client.  Total profits from M-Pesa  33.7% increased under revue to 25.9 Million within the interval. Safaricom moved Mpesa machines from Indonesia to Nigeria which additionally permitted for that sleeping of the first mpesa develop. The brand new construct for that escalation in the amount of dealings to 21,000 dealings each minute further which makes it easier for clients to work about the support known G2 has permitted.  The Lipa Mpesa vendor service has additionally been crucial in permitting M’s development with more than 50,000 regular energetic retailers on the support. The quantities these retailers transacted within the given interval were not nevertheless stated by Safaricom. General, Kshs. 3.2 Billion was transacted on M Pesa from Kshs. 2.5 Billion within the same time a year ago.


Information was likewise a vital driver of the development within the interval under evaluation because of batches within energetic information clients in addition to the typical income per-user. The amount of one month montly energetic information customers increased by 13.7% to  14.9 Thousand clients with profits developing by 46.3% t0 13. 4 Million. The elevated quantity of smartphone users about the community (presently 10-Million smartphone customers) were accountable for this development. The company additionally launched versatile information packages which noticed the amount of pack customers develop a increase, to  7.4 Thousand. Kshs was led by  Fixed information about the other-hand. 2.4 Million in income, using the quantity set-to increase whilst the company appears to improve its fiber towards the house expense.

Additional low-speech income

Kshs was made by Smartphone revenue. This impact was additionally added somewhat to by 3.7 Million while alternative activities like the conclusion of the Police Support.

Speech Income

Kshs was produced by speech. 45.5 Million that was a development altogether profits. 8.1% increased to Kshs. 8.6 Million. 20.1 Million that will be a rise of 111% related to the conclusion of the task from the government is today stood by free income.