Tom’s Lunchtime Profits 18/12 – Team Profit

Tom’s Lunchtime Profits 18/12 – Team Profit

Unibet have an AMAZING promotion on the darts right now. Whether you’re a darts fan or not, a newbie or not, you need to be hitting this promotion. Unibet don’t often have good offers after their sign up and so I wouldn’t worry too much about being gubbed; the potential for this offer is massive. The reason I’ve written it was £40 expected profit is because you should hopefully land this one a day.

They are giving you a refund as CASH up to £50, if the player you bet on loses the match but gets the highest checkout.

What is a checkout? A checkout is the amount they throw with their final darts in a leg (a leg is a game). So if they had a score of 50 left and then won with their final 3 darts, then their check out is 50. If they had a score of 120 left and threw 120 to win the game, then their checkout would be 120.

*Bet £50 on any player – just take the closest match out of the two players
*Lay your bet off as normal, or dutch it with another site if the odds are better
*If your player loses but scores the highest checkout, you will receive £50 in cash

The Refund
*£50 is credited within 48 hours. It has no wagering.

Finding out the result
*To find out if your player had the highest checkout, visit flashscore/save the link here
*Click on the game in question – you can navigate to previous days by clicking the arrows towards the top right of the list
*Once you’ve opened the game, click on the “statistics” tab
*Highest checkouts should be labelled as the 5th one
*Make a note of your refund as you may hit a few and lose track

This offer is for MOBILE only. If you try it on Desktop, you will not receive your free bet.

*Log in and choose to play here
*Click to spin the wheel and it will land on a prize
*If you win, you will likely receive free cash. This is completely free and can be withdrawn.
*You may also receive deposit x get x spins. The terms say they have no wagering but proceed with caution as the previous offer (hi-lo game) had wagering, however the previous wheel didn’t.
*If you lose, you will receive nothing but can have another go again tomorrow!