<p>What Is Eating Into Your Profits?</p>

What Is Eating Into Your Profits?

Assessing the fiscal health of your dental clinic is a good time to look beyond the clear at the hidden costs that impact your profit margin. Below are some considerations which could be below the radar.

  1. Ongoing Maintenance
    When your dental gear is not working efficiently, neither is the team. Unreliable equipment that’s always breaking down or out of service cuts into the profit margin.
  2. Patient Perception
    Growing your patient list is top of mind for increasing profits. However, what about the way patients (present or potential) feel when they visit your dentist? If your clinic is obsolete compared to this one down the street with the brand-new office and innovative equipment, it is tough to compete. A serene, modern surroundings communicates reassurance and comfort. Environment pushes perception.
  3. Physical Discomfort
    The most frequent injuries in dentistry (tendonitis, pinched nerves, ruptured disks in the neck and lower spine, or lymph) develop slowly over time. If not addressed properly, they get painful and career end. The only method to stop harm is by choosing the perfect dental gear and practicing ergonomic positioning. Gear that places everything at the fingertips enables you to sit properly and work comfortably. This decreases stress and fatigue and boosts overall productivity.
  4. Assets Prices
    Distinguishing between merchandise to make sure purchase decisions is tough. But have you tracked the whole cost of the equipment beyond the purchase period? The significant component that separates superior quality from premium quality is exactly what A-dec coined the Cost of Ownership. As these prices are not always measured, they are generally overlooked. The expense of ownership concept is truly about value–not only the value of this product, but also the value of a customer’s productivity and time:
    Dental equipment cost of ownership
  5. Product Lifespan
    Another thing to consider is the lifespan of your dental operatory equipment. Not all are equal. Known for reliability, A-dec gear is designed to last. Our dental seats have been tested for a minimal 20-year life: others may only last 10-15 years. If you amortize the cost over the amount of years of support, the ownership costs on high-quality products are reduced in the long run.

Zero = Zero

When it’s physical discomfort and exhaustion or dental gear that’s out of support whilst waiting for parts, it means not having patients in the chair. And patients in the dental operatory create zero dollars in revenue. If you would like to talk about how you can enhance your financial health and discover the hidden costs which are eating into your profits, contact your neighborhood A-dec merchantor telephone 1.800.547.1883 to find your very best alternative.